Friday, October 26, 2012


So Halloween is less than a week away, you have no costume for your kiddo, and what's left on the selves at Target is sketchy. I have a solution! A no-sew Knight costume. Let's do it.
1/2 yard white felt
Iron on reflector tape ( I bought a package that had three sizes)
Small scrap of felt, any color
Heat'n Bond or some other iron-on adhesive 
Scissors (fabric scissors work best, but any will do)
Animal of your choice silhouette

Fold the white felt in half. Using one of your child's tee shirts, measure a neck hole and cut it out on the folded side of the felt (you can eye ball this). Cut the bottom slightly longer then the tee shirt. At this point, you may want to try the piece on your child, to determine the width of the shoulder piece. Pin it up. Take it off your kiddo and cut the sides to your desired length.

Cut the reflector tape into strips and make a shield shape. Pin it down. Follow the manufacture directions and iron it down ( mine was about 2 minutes of heat). I also added thicker strips of reflector tape to the bottom on both sides.

Choose an emblem. My boy is really into bucks these days, so that's what we went with. I just Googled "deer silhouette" and found this guy. Iron on the Heat n' Bond or other adhesive paper to the piece of colored felt, following the manufactures directions. Trace your image (if you're using letters, make sure to trace them backward, so the adhesive will be on the correct side). Cut it out, place it in the middle of the reflector tape shield, and iron in on according to instructions.

BOOM. Done. No sewing required.

We added a cardboard shield curtosey of Dad,  gray henley hoodie, gray pants (these are from Target, but don't seem to be available any longer), and snow boots from last year. Fierce knight expression is up to you.

Bring it Halloween.

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