Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Ever since we moved into our home at the end of last year, I've been working at making it as functional and lovely as I can. I recently made this for my daughter's room, a Four Seasons banner.

I used a pattern from Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute book for the tree. I chose a chocolate brown fabric with a white swirl for the tree. Then I went through my fabric to choose my seasons from my fabric scraps.


Light blue with green leaves and birds building nests.


Bright green with bright flowers and swirls, plus assorted red buttons as cherries(?). Well, as some sort of fruit.

Mustard yellow with brown flower pattern.


Just the tree, with a blue-white polka dot background and white buttons as snowflakes.

I cut out rectangles of white felt, then using my pattern, I cut out all the tree pieces (except the winter background, which I free handed). I secured the pieces to the felt first by using Heat'n Bond and then by hand stitching. Finally, I used a piece of pink patterned fabric and used my sewing machine to make the top piece. I left about a 1/2 inch of space for the twine to easily go through, but so the banners wouldn't slip around when hung up. Added the twine, and viola, banner for my little girl's room.

This turned out so cute and was super simple to make, although the hand stitching took some time, mostly based on the fact that my children see me working on anything and think that it's time for a snack/to read stories/to go outside/ to climb in my lap and try to poke themselves with the needle I'm using. I might start making them for the Etsy shop even.

Happy Crafting!

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