Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hi there. Thanks for stopping by! A first blog post is so awkward. I mean, really, what am I suppose to say? This blog is going to be about food and crafts and home and probably kids and whatever.

Wow, I'm off to a great start.

Anyway. Let's do a list! I love lists! So in no particular order, These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things:

1. I like my husband. I lucked out in that department.

2. My children are also lovely. Except when they are throwing tantrums in Target or refusing to eat a home cooked meal that I lovingly made for them.

3. Food. I love it. I love cooking it and eating it and reading about it. I'm one of those odd people that read cookbooks for fun. I love food blogs. Here are two of my favorites, I want to be friends with these ladies, for reals: and .

4. Last December, we bought our first house. I love it. I love making it a home. Too bad Pinterest makes me feel like a failure in this department.

5. Speaking of, I'm sort of obsessed with Pinterest. I love it. Even though it makes me feel like an inadequate homeowner, cook, and mother. I can't stop. I won't stop.

6. I have the best group of girlfriends ever. EVER.

7. I love books. I wish someone would pay me to read all day. Dream job, yo.

8. I like my Etsy shop, it makes me happy. You can look at, if you like:

9. I like projects and lists. They make me feel as if I'm accomplishing things. I'm sort of an A type. And by sort of, I mean completely.

10. Sarcasm. I love it. I use it. A lot.

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