Friday, January 11, 2013


I've been trying to organize my Pinterest boards this week, namely my food and recipes board. I can never find any recipes that I know I pinned and know I want to try because it's all jammed up together: lemonade cake next to homemade spaghetti sauce next to slow cooker pulled pork. So new boards it is. It is tedious work. And it makes me hungry.  And because they're taking over my life on my mind, some food pins, just for you:

Please do yourself a favor and make these, the end.

I need to get some vanilla beans and try my hand at both these things.
This is the Wholefoods recipe, but I've been looking at several different ones, trying to decide which one to try. This is dinner tonight. Maybe with the feta and chive sour cream scones.
Happy Pinning and Happy Friday!

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