Monday, January 7, 2013


Well, hello! After a brief hiatus, I'm back. I have all sorts of things in store for this new year. The June November store is going to get a whole new look, with new goodies. I've been making plans and making things and I'm feeling pretty excited about it! Look for the launch soon.

I love January. Fresh starts are always appealing to me. Instead of actual resolutions, I usually have a broad goal or sort of theme for a year. Last year it was new beginnings: we had just bought our house, my little girl was turning one, my son started kindergarten. So my goal was making all of that work in our day to day life and leaning from it.  This year my goal is organization. Not just our house (although our closets are sad places indeed), but our overall life. Each month, we have goals for organizing our home, our finances, and our family. I've written out a rough draft of goals and we try to meet them monthly, also allowing for amendments as the year goes on, of course. For example, in January we want to organize those sad closets. Next month, I'm focusing on going through all the children's toys. By breaking it down by month, I don't feel as overwhelmed to get everything done in one weekend and I also know that soon those toys will be taken care of.

We're trying to live a "less is more" life and I feel that organization is a key to that. I'm excited to get started. I hope all your resolutions and goals are attainable this two thousand and thirteen year!

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