Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Part of the reason we bought this house was the amazing space perfect for a garden on one side of the house. I love to garden and I feel that teaching our two children the joy of it is important. It's a outdoor hobby that they can enjoy their whole lives, hopefully, and the science in how food is grown is a valuable lesson for everyone, if you truly enjoy gardening or not.

In this early spring, there are few crops. But one that never fails is the sugar snap pea. Sugar snap peas are a perfect from-seed crop for kids to plant. The seeds are large enough for little hands to plant and they grow quickly (sprouts can appear in as little as two weeks). And it's also a circle-of-life sort of lesson, as the seeds look just like dried up peas.

Lake Valley Seeds, non-GMO


In California, where I live, it's a mild climate and we can plant these any time from fall to early spring (we planted ours in late January). In colder areas, plant as soon as you can work the ground; peas can handle the cold.
Two months later and our seeds have grown into 5 foot monsters, covered with peas.


Spring is showing it's face around here most days. And we are so happy to have her.
For more information about gardening with children, please read this awesome article over at Girl's Gone Child.

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