Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Our family tries to do local things on the weekends, either staying in our town, or in the surrounding areas. Grown Local posts showcase some of the best things to do in our area.

Living in California is a food lover's dream; it seems that everything is fresh and local, from flowers to food to wine. We are lucky that so much of what we eat is truly local, grown within a 250 mile radius of us. And the farmer's market is the cream of the crop (figuratively and actually).

I love a farmer's market. You can't beat the freshness of the produce of course, but it's more than that. Seeing the people who grow food, and supporting growers and crafters in your area is important. We live in an agricultural based area, and are lucky to be able to show our children tomato fields and corn growing. The farmer's market takes it even a step closer, where they can meet the people in our area growing these vegetables and baking bread and raising free range chickens.
Woodland Farmer's Market
The Woodland Farmer's Market, our local farmer's market, is a great market. They've just moved to a new location in the heart of our little downtown on Saturdays and they opened this past weekend. We headed over to buy some fruits and veggies and flowers and bread, to enjoy the spring sunshine, and to see the alpacas, llamas, and baby dairy goats from local farms that were visiting for opening day.
highlight of the morning.

"Food says what's best about our region, and that we have a food culture that's worth preserving." -Richard McCarthy, in Local Flavors by Deborah Madison

The Woodland Farmer's Market

Heritage Plaza, near the Opera House

Woodland, CA 95695

Saturdays 9am-Noon

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