Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I love my son's teacher*. She truly is all I could ask for as a kindergarten teacher: she's passionate about her students learning, she truly cares about their well-being, she's firm but loving to each and every one of them. I would love for her to be my son's teacher for the rest of his life.

Next week is teacher appreciation week. While I appreciate Mrs. C everyday, I wanted to do something special for her next week. But what? Pinterest was crawling with ideas, but so many of them seem exceptionally labor intensive for the parent/student, and not so fun for the teacher themselves. I mean that teacher initial made from crayons? Every time I see it I think that the teacher would probably had preferred the parent donate the actual crayons to the classroom.
Then I found this from Chickabug. Posted by an actual teacher friend, so I know it's the good stuff.
So, so, so perfect. So easy! But even more, so great for your special teacher! Because don't teachers deserve to spend a little something on themselves after spending so much on our children? They do indeed.
You can visit Chickabug and download your own printables for free!
*His student teacher is also amazing. We lucked out in the biggest, best way possible this year. Gift cards for all!

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