Friday, June 28, 2013


Link Loves:

I'm rereading An Everlasting Meal. And starting Jeannette Walls' new novel. And glancing at the recipes in The Cleaner Plate Club. Multitasking reading is my favorite multitasking.
This one pan pasta from Martha Stewart is making the rounds, but wow.
I'm planning a dinner for some new friends who are vegans. Menu plan.
My counters are feeling cluttered. So I've been looking for styling inspiration. Found it.
Normally we're pretty good about eating well, but we've been...indulging. Time to get back on track.

Pins of the Week:

1. summer sandals (sold out) 2. Happy Camper sweatshirt (sold out and ridiculously expensive, but so cute) 3. clementine and red wine spritzers 4. lovely office

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