Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello folks! Let's start off by saying: it's been a while. It's been BUSY. It's been, frankly, insanely busy. And here lies the problem. I feel that sometimes, blog posts take so much effort and time that they just never get posted. I want things to be nice for you, dear readers! I want correct measurements (something I never do in real life), I want pretty pictures (which I always forget to take in real life), I want this to be a neat, tidy, lovely, inspiring place (which never happens because I spend all my time planning these lovely posts and then never post them because how many tablespoons went into that? Where are the step by step pictures of that craft we did? Oh, right. I forgot to take them.)
So things around here are changing, slightly. Instead of detailed oriented posts, each day I'll post a photo from the day and explain what it is, and provide basic information about it. The blog will be a peek into the daily life of me: parenting, cooking, homemaking, and work process. I hope you enjoy it!


Today I took a last bit of summer and cooked it and canned it. I've been freezing all the tomatoes from the garden that we weren't eating right away, and today I pulled them all out, cooked them up into a pasta sauce, and processed them for canning, It's a lot of work, but there's something about the old fashion-ness of it that I enjoy. I always love using everything I can from my garden, and this was nearly 100% from there: the tomatoes, the bell peppers, the herbs.

{I follow these rules for processing jars.}

Summer in a jar for winter.  

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