Sunday, April 6, 2014


We're huge fans of Disney's Frozen around here. We all know all the words to all the songs, my daughter continually acts out the scenes and sings Let It Go in the grocery store, we have a yellow lab that is in every way Sven the reindeer's twin.
 The whole message of love yourself and others and sometimes that cute guy you think is awesome is actually a jerk and never ever stop believing in the people you care about and omg you can save yourself girlfriend you don't need a handsome prince or even a very nice ice salesman to help you.
When a friend sent me this video of Kristen Bell singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" it just completed my love of this movie and this actress. Before the above performance, (it's been cut from this video) Kristen Bell talks about how she always wanted to be a Disney princess. And how special it was to find this role where she not only got to be one, but got to be one that is relatable to real life little girls. She says that she got to be "a type of heroine that I wanted to see." She made the character of Anna in a way that actual little girls could understand. She trips, she embarrasses herself, she's wrong sometimes. But she has a real gift of truly seeing the best in everyone. And she loves with her whole heart, even she when she feels that no one loves her back. I love that. I love a princess story that doesn't make me want to roll my eyes and hide from my daughter (I'm looking at you, Ariel.).
Hooray for Anna and Elsa.
Also, this.

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