Wednesday, April 9, 2014


First Thousand Words in French is well loved in our house.
We bought it last year when my son expressed an interest in learning French. The book is not only a helpful resource for teaching simple, everyday French vocabulary words, but also as a beautiful picture book for the children to pour over.

Each page spread introduces a new theme: the grocery store, a farm, the beach, school. Colorful illustrations show how all the words come together. In the borders, certain objects are highlighted, with the French word clearly labeling it.


The pictures are fantastically detailed and the book is worth buying for this alone. My two year old loves to poor over the pages looking for the pictures from the borders.

The book includes a full glossary of all the words and a pronunciation guide. There is also a link for an internet pronunciation guide where children (and adults!) can listen to the words be pronounce properly.

The children can, literally, look at this book all day. A constant question from my daughter is, "Where is my French book!?". They choose to read it and look at the pictures even when we are not practicing French. And that they are truly learning vocabulary form it? Win/win.


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