Monday, May 5, 2014


I remember exactly how I felt when the shootings at Sandy Hook happened. My son was a kindergartener.  And as I watched the news coverage, I could feel the panic of the parents, of the town. I stood there, crying, sobbing, wanting to scream at the television, at the people reporting. I grabbed my keys, ready to drive to the school and bring my child home and maybe never ever let him leave again. Because it's not safe out there. I can't protect him from the world. But as I put my hand on the door handle, my toddler in my arms, ready to dash to the school, to take him away from a place that couldn't keep him safe, I stopped.  Because the truth is, his school is safe. Sandy Hook was safe. There are bad people who will do bad things, but there are people who will do everything in their power to stop them, even if they can't. And I refused to make his teacher feel even more helpless, even less confident on such a horrible day to be a parent, but an even worse day to be a teacher.
The news has been slow to report on what is happening in Nigeria. Over 200 girls, stolen from their school in the middle night, for wanting an education. Their school was not safe, but they continued to go. They wanted an education. And for that, they were kidnapped. I cannot understand why it has taken over 20 days for the news, for their government to be taking notice. We live in a different world then this one, one where a parent would not be too terrified to be screaming for action. So, I cannot understand this. I can barely stand to read about it, it hurts so much. But I must. Those girls deserve that much. 
Because everyone deserves to go to school without fear. Students and teachers alike. From California to Sandy Hook to Nigeria. And anyone who takes education away because they deem it wrong or sinful or not to their liking-well they are WRONG. Anyone who walks into a school with the intention to hurt children or educators is the worst kind of person. There are no excuses for making school a place of fear. No matter your beliefs, your thoughts, this is not the way. It cannot be.
Find these girls. #BringBackOurGirls

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