Thursday, July 10, 2014


Just what do we want out of our lives? For Alice Rumphius, she wants to travel the world and then live by the sea. As she explains this as a child, sitting on her grandfather's knee, he tells her that there is one more thing that she must do. She must make the world more beautiful. She agrees.
But how?

The book, by Barbara Cooney, is beautifully illustrated, of course. But the story- the simple story of choosing your course and following it, of fulfilling promises made, of leaving the world a little more lovely then when you came in to it, is just as beautiful.

Because of course, Miss Rumphius finds a way.

And passes it on.

Because shouldn't all great things be passed on? Like this book, that was my childhood favorite and is now my daughter's. A little thing perhaps. But I've maybe made her world more beautiful by sharing this book.

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