Friday, October 10, 2014


Our new house is set up completely differently from our old one, so arranging our things to best suit us was a challenge. We're in a place now that feels functional, comfortable, and stylish. I'll be showing you little peeks of little spaces here, and they all be filed under "little vignettes"!

Our staircase comes out into a hallway; one way goes to the front door, the other to the main living space. There is an odd corner in this hall, and that's where I've set up our "command center." 

The biggest piece is the kids chore chart. On a large, framed cork board, each kid has a list of chores they have to do and check off daily. We don't pay the kids for these chores; they have to do these things because they live here. It's basic things like making beds, dishes in the sink, clothes in the hamper. While they don't get paid for doing them, they do earn their media tickets for week days by getting everything done. No chores, no media.
We also have a "work for hire" section to the chore board. This is where they can earn money. There are four chores each week and each one is worth $2. The money goes up Friday and they have the opportunity to earn it at their pace. But, if chores aren't done and I have to do them, the money becomes mine. This idea was a Pinterest inspiration, of course.

Above that is this neat clip board (it was a gift, but I think it's from World Market). I keep school paper, activity papers, and A+ spelling tests up here.

I love this huge white board calendar. The spaces are big enough for our schedule, there is space for notes, and it's magnetic.

And finally, our family rules are posted and the utmost important clock to tell us we are running late, again.

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