Friday, January 30, 2015


Oh, January. You start out so darn hopeful. Ideas of clean closets, organized workspaces, new healthy recipes, running on a regular basis again: all glitter before me, with a will and hope and starry eyes. But in the end, you always just have me pining away for summer days and wanting to eat carbs.
(And I don't even want to talk about the snow. Someone hold my earrings, because I hate snow and am about to beat it down. Everywhere I go, my refrain is, "I'm from CALIFORNIA." Which translates to "I am grouchy and I don't understand how to function in a bulky coat and for the love of God can someone explain to me why it is SO HARD to put mittens on a preschooler!? I'm sorry/not sorry.")
These are my favorite things from January:
1. We've eaten the Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast a bunch of times this month, and it is hand's down the husband's most favorite meal ever. It is so perfect for a cold night!//2. On my birthday, we went to MOMA (amazing, wonderful) and I picked up a Moleskin Classic Lined Notebook in the gift shop, something I've treated myself to the last couple years. I do list journaling, and this is the perfect notebook for it.//3. Dylan started taking guitar lessons. I feel that his practice book is really adding to the décor of my home. I LOVE the graphic on this book.//4. I read Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper. I've managed to read a lot of not so great fiction lately, and this book made up for it. Great story! //
5. Downton Abbey is back and that mean's reading Tom and Lorenzo's take on it every Monday. Highlight of the week. If you watch Downton (if you don't, I'm not sure we can be friends), you need to read these recaps.//6. Meghan Trainor's Title Album is fabulous.//7. Neal bought me Burberry Brit (the eau de toilette, which I love because it's a bit lighter then the perfume) and the smell is incredible.  
Favorites Around the Net:
Instagram: @womenirl HILARIOUS.

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