Thursday, March 12, 2015


My Ava is a firecracker. She let's nothing stop her, nothing get her down. She'll dig her feet in and take a stand and literally, never gives up. Her attitude is amazing to me. She is strong and fierce and also happens to love fashion. She wears dress up clothes to the grocery store, turns blankets into capes, and picks out her hair accessories like it's her JOB. 
 I happen to think that our clothes are just an extension of our personality. Wearing what makes you feel good, well, MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. When Ava is out and about in clothes she has chosen herself and someone compliments her, she gives them a cheerful, "Thanks! I know, I look fabulous." (And we've had to work on the "thanks!" part...)
I found The Measure (All the Numbers) through Instagram and I love every single thing she is making. Her clothes are out of this world fantastic and make an amazing statement. I bought the above shirt for Ava, because, obviously it is the most perfect shirt for her ever. I want Ava to always be comfortable in her body, the choices she makes, and to wear things with pride. And The Measure is making things that are bonkers awesome and I'm happy to support both clothes that empower girls and the mamas that make them.
You can shop The Measure here.

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