Wednesday, September 16, 2015


(Just as a note. these blog posts are not to be taken super seriously. I am not a fashion model; it's a look into my daily life and showing different, not terribly expensive outfits and accessories. I recently just went back to work outside my home and this is also a way to have some fun when deciding what to wear to work each morning.
Also, really awkward taking photos like this, hats off to you real style bloggers.)

The leaves are starting to turn a bit here on the East Coast, but we're having a case of Indian summer this week. Fine by me! I'm pulling out my dresses and getting some more wear out of my beloved Saltwater sandals.
Dress: H&M (they're out of plain black online, but have a patterned and color version) ON SALE

Watch: Target (mint green face in stores only)

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