Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We all had a three day weekend (Columbus Day), and it was busy around here! A good busy though. I made mini pumpkin pies for a craft party I hosted for some of my girlfriends.

We had a great time painting mason jars to look like pumpkins.

I go to Trader Joe's once a month to stalk up on things that my regular grocery store doesn't carry. I always buy a bouquet.
I made this ADOREABLE onesie for a customer. 
The leaves are changing and it is glorious.

 An Ikea trip is always a happy occurrence.
It also means Swedish meatballs for lunch. Yes, I DO want gravy.

A local farm, Byrne Farm Market, had it's annual Jack-O-Lantern display this weekend! It was such a fun evening.
We loaded up on pumpkins while we were there. Dylan always chooses a goose neck gourd. I love the Cinderella pumpkins best.

And last but not least, we boo'd our neighbors! We love this fun tradition of leaving treats on your neighbors porch. The idea is that then they boo someone else, until you're whole neighborhood has been treated. The kids love to do this every year!
Hope you had a lovely weekend! Here's to a great (short!) week.

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