Monday, January 4, 2016


Hello and Happy New Year! I'm linking up with one of my favorite blogs, Teaching Sam and Scout, to embrace "B+ Goals, Because Done Is Better Than Perfect".  So much YES.
I love resolutions. The new year always feels like a blank page-and I dearly love to fill up a blank page with a to-do list. This year, I am striving for grace and working on curbing my perfectionist tendencies. And that is why B+ Goals sounds amazing to me and because done is better than perfect is my new mantra. I have a list of overall yearly goals, but I love this idea of setting smaller goals each month and doing the best you can with them.
In January 2016 I'm focusing on:
1. Wake up by 5:30 every (weekday) morning, get in a morning workout, and be in bed by 10:30. I'm a morning person, but I struggle getting to bed early.
2. Finish Better Than Before. I just started this book about habits by Getchen Rubin and I love it. Curving out time to read is essential to my well being, so I'm making it a priority to finish this by the end of the month.
3. Cut back on social media. My personal Facebook page is private, and I unfriend people and leave Groups that I find upset me, but despite this the last couple weeks in December brought out some really ugly things on my Facebook feed. The worst part of it was I found myself repeatedly checking Facebook to see how things progressed. Although it upset me, I couldn't look away. That is bad on so many levels. It's time to step back from the madness of social media and the entitlement it gives people (including myself). So, I'm a.) Drastically cutting back on Facebook. I placed the app in a folder on my phone so I have to make a conscious decision to open it, not just mindlessly hit it when I have a down moment and b.) I made my Instagram account private. This was something I had to mull over a bit, because I have used Instagram a lot for my Etsy shop, but I decided that I'd rather be posting authentic content of my life for those people who I  "know" an least in some content then worrying about how many likes I have on a shop post. I'll also be weeding out followers that I don't "know" over the next weeks.
So that's it! Three goals to ease into this new year.
Don't forget to visit Sam and Scout and Sarah R. Bagley to see their goals! And if you have your own B+ Goals, I'd love to see them in a comment below!


  1. I LOVE Gretchen Rubin, and I found her new book on habits totally fascinating! I'm an upholder. :) So glad you're joining in with B+ Goals!

    1. I am totally an upholder as well :).
      B+ Goals is awesome; thank you and E for starting the ball rolling!

  2. Oh man, I SO wish I could be a morning workout person. I just cannot get myself out of the bed early enough (especially when it's this cold outside!) to go for a run. Props to you for being a morning person!!! It's something to envy, ha.

    1. The struggle is real about running in the cold! I usually hunker down and do yoga at home during the fridged months.