Sunday, January 17, 2016


Every week, I do meal prep. I plan all our dinners for the week, write out a detailed grocery list, do all the shopping, and then spend a couple hours on Sunday preparing things for the week. Doing all of this is a LIFESAVER during the week. Having a plan for dinner every night means I'm not stressing out after work about what to make and if we have everything. It allows us to sit down together for dinner nearly every night, and it makes packing lunches (and all four of us take packed lunches most days) so much easier.
I start on Friday morning by making a dinner plan for the week, and then writing a detailed grocery list. I have a large chalkboard in our kitchen that I write things we're out of throughout the week, so I make sure to add those items to the list as well. When I make dinner plans, I ask everyone in the house if they have any requests (spaghetti is asked for every single week). Then I go through my cookbooks and Pinterest to see if there are any recipes that I want to use for the week.

I do all my grocery shopping after I pick up the kids on Friday from school. On Sunday morning, I do my meal prep!
I like lists.
Any cookbooks I'm using throughout the week go on the kitchen counter with the pages I need marked. Otherwise, I'm likely to forget which of my many books has the recipe I'm looking for.
This week I'm using recipes from:
Things change from week to week. This week for meal prep I made:
-Against All Grain chicken satay with almond dipping sauce
-roasted spaghetti squash
-roasted potatoes
-cut up carrots, bell peppers, and radishes
-roasted pecans and almonds
-a jug of lemon water
There was lots of roasting.

All of this was done in under 3 hours! I make sure to clean up as I go along so I don't end up with a sink full of dirty dishes at the end.
Then I  put everything into bags and containers and label everything. Because that's the type of person I am. Sorry/Not Sorry.
Here are some great sites for more meal planning inspiration!
 (Is there such thing as Meal Prep Goals? There is now and her skills are my goals.)
(The dirty rice recipe is awesome)

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