Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Guys, all this snow and coldness is making me delusional. Like, crazy. Today I tried to tell myself that I could wear ballet flats to work. And you know what happened? I stepped in icy mud surrounded by a snow bank on the way into dropping off Ava at preschool. In leopard print ballet flats. Because I guess I'm trying to give myself pneumonia because at least then I wouldn't have to leave my house in the snow, with a puffy coat, and children with mittens (oh my GOD have you lost another mitten?!), because I would be on bed rest and that sounds amazing, right?
No, I guess it doesn't. So I put on boots instead.
Also? I need a haircut like yesterday.
Blazer: H&M
White Button Down: Target (this cut is in store only)
Belt: American Eagle (15 YEARS ago #soold)
Pants: Old Navy
Boots: Mod Cloth (these are out of stock, but there are a ton of cute boots here and they are having a huge sale!)

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