Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I've been really into art projects with the kids lately. We've been pulling out the scissors, the paints, the glue gun. It's basically been Arts and Crafts class this winter.  And I love it. I love making things for my home and sharing art with the kids. 
I really like all the moon phase crafts out there. I decided to make my own little wall hanging inspired by all the ideas I've been seeing. It's super dreamy, yes? Also: super simple.

-15.5 x 7 inch piece of black felt
-paint brushes
-wooden dowel
-ribbon, string, or twine
-black thread and needle

With a piece of chalk (and any chalk will work-grab a piece from your kids!) and sketch out the moon shapes. The shapes don't need to be perfect!

*Please ignore all the random dogs hairs. The shedding is outta control around here*

Now that you have your moon shapes sketched out, fill them in with your white paint. I used a sponge brush and just dabbed here and there, to give it a moon like texture (that's a thing). You want it to look shadows and craters.

Next, add a few gold details as highlights. I used a small brush and once again just dabbed randomly to my liking.

Finally, add a few dots with your white paint around the edges to look like stars.

Once it dries, fold the top over about half an inch. With a needle and thread (or a hot glue gun), stitch it all the way across, leaving an open pocket. Slip in a dowel and tie a piece of ribbon, string, or twine (I used twine) to the top to make a hanging point.

Hang and enjoy!

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