Tuesday, February 16, 2016


We've lived a lot of places and the places we've called home have been all over the country. We've loved some of the places we lived. Some places have never felt like quite the right fit, even after years of living there. But every single places we've been and every home we've lived in (5 in 10 years and counting) has been just that: home.

I made these little states to commemorate all the places we've lived. This is a ridiculously easy DIY. Whether you've lived in one states or 50, this is a charming little addition to your home! 

All it requires is:

-sheets of watercolor paper
-watercolors and paint brush
-Sharpie marker
-State silhouette (tons to choose from if you google it)

Print out the state shape of your choice. Cut if out and with a pencil, trace it onto a piece of watercolor paper. Retrace the line with a black Sharpie marker. Over your home town, draw a small heart and fill in completely with the marker. Chose a watercolor color, and paint in the lines of your state. DONE.

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