Friday, February 26, 2016


If You Like Than You Shouda Put A Pin On It (so I did):

A little weekend link reading for you:

1. Has your style changed over the years? I loved this perspective about style in your 30s.

2. This home tour is perfectly lovely.

3. Broccoli? Cheese? Bread? Um...YUM.

4. This article on why saying "He must like you!" is not something you should be telling someone is so good. It's a phrase that I never liked as a child/teen and I hate as a parent and this essay perfectly articulates why it's so unnerving.

5.  These NASA travel posters are amazing and FREE.

7. I just bought this shirt and I love it. The fit and material are beautiful. It's already on sale, and you can use the code: HOWNICE for an extra 30% off online!

8. I'm trying to figure out how I could use these giant mugs in my day to day life. Maybe as bowls?

Happy Weekend, guys!

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