Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I'm attempting a Modern Lady Mary Look, sans bob today (if you don't understand this reference, WATCH DOWNTON ABBEY NOW and then you may come back). Because let's be real, Mary is only truly modern in her hair choices. All her "Downton will stay like this FOREVER, the aristocrats will never die, WE ARE THE WINNERS." is not exactly modern thoughts. So maybe this is a Modern Lady Edith Look? I don't know. I'll stick with Lady Mary since I look annoyed in this photo and girlfriend can bring some looks to the table. Love that Lady Mary!
Wait, what were talking about? Oh yes! It's What I Wore Wednesday!
Back to the clothes details:
Blouse: Loft  
(watch for sales! I got it for 60% off a couple weeks ago)
Burgundy Tapered Fit Slacks: H&M
Shoes: TOMS 
(I went back and forth about these for about 4 months, and am so glad that I finally bought them.)
Giraffe necklace, JCrew (currently sold out still)
Watch: Kate Spade
Zulily currently has a TOMS sale! Have you ever used Zulily? It's a shopping website that pairs up with brands and has huge sales of great stuff. You can use the code below to join!

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