Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I finished up another book on my reading challenge last week: Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze. I've known about Dave Ramsey for years; we've followed his money ideas since Dylan was a baby. But I didn't know much about his daughter, Rachel. I really enjoyed reading this book and the voice she gave to the topic-while it was very similar to their main no debt teachings, she provided a fresh look at things. I checked out out her website after finishing the book and really enjoyed it. She has some great videos with an array of money topics. One that I watched and really resonated with me was this one:

I LOVE the idea of picking your six stores as your main buying places! It really makes you think about your style and the pieces that you personally want/need.

My three lower cost places are: Target, H&M, and American Eagle
My Higher end places are: J. Crew, Loft, and Anthropolgie

I always buy sale from J. Crew and Loft, and I mostly buy from them online. With Anthropologie, I do buy full price, but I only shop there about once a year-so it feels really special and like the splurge it is.

I love Target for basic tees, cardigans, and shoes. H&M has great, cheap pieces that are trendier for the season but they also carry perfectly cut blazers. And American Eagle is my go to place for pants, their petite sizes fit me perfectly.

My big splurge is good accessories.  I buy cheap, pretty necklaces for everyday wear, but for my arm candy I go all out. I wear the same, simple pieces every day: watch, (Kate Spade watch or rose gold watch seen here), bracelet (Kate Spade the sailor knot in silver, or  the gold bangle seen here), and my Nike+ Fuelband. And really, except for the Fuelband, all of these were gifts.

What are you six stores?

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