Tuesday, May 31, 2016


As usual, May has been a whirlwind. I always feel that May/Early June are the CRAZY months of the year. There is just  so much going on between end of the school year events and baseball and dance recitals and birthdays and anniversaries.
I had to really think about what my Favorite Things were this month. As I was brainstorming for this post all I could think was, "Nothing. NOTHING IS MY FAVORITE WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO DESTORY ME MAY. WHY CAN'T WE JUST GET ALONG!?" (Seriously. This is my life. I talk to the months of the year in caps lock in my head). I had to check myself this past week and remind myself to be positive, be patient, and be kind (to others and myself). Because no one likes a mean, grouchy, frazzled person (including myself). And then, once I was calm (for at least 20 minutes), I was able to think and come up the following:

Favorite Things to Eat: My garden is growing beautifully and the nasturtiums are blooming like mad. Did you know that nasturtiums are edible? The entire plant is-flowers, steams and leaves! They add beautiful color and taste to salads.

Favorite Weekend History Lesson: Over this past Memorial Weekend, our family took a trip to Gettysburg. More to come on that (if I ever manage to write a post about it, that is. Don't hold you breath, friends.)!

Favorite Thing to Wear: These gold sandals are my new BSF (best shoe forever). The metallic makes any outfit instantly more dressy and the cut makes jeans feel summery. Perfect for work and weekends!

Favorite Thing For Relaxing: Lavender essential oil is my go to lately. I put a few drops in the bath in the evening and it helps calm me and even helps me sleep better.

Favorite Cookbook: The Little Paris Kitchen, Rachel Khoo Simple French recipes, beautiful photos. I'm so inspired by this book and Rachel Khoo.

Favorite Family Nights: Little League games. Here's the thing: Little League is a TON of work. Mutiple practices, games, gear. But I love it. I love every part of it. This year has been especially fun, because it's Dylan's first year playing kid pitch and it's Ava's first year ever playing t-ball. I made this chalkboard at the beginning of the season and when it comes to an end next week, I'll be sad. Less for us to do, but the end of baseball season is always bittersweet.

Summer, we are ready for you!

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