Sunday, July 3, 2016


July is here and it is 100%, officially, wonderfully, SUMMER. We've been at the pool, out on the boat, barbecuing, and just enjoying every minute possible outside. Yeah summer!
My B+ Goals are going to be much more relaxed the next two months, because we are big proponents of slow summer around here. The kids aren't in any activities, I'm off work until September, and we live in a neighborhood that celebrates kids playing outside all day, and we are here for it. 

Let's review last month's goals:

1. Enjoy Ava's birthday party. I 100% did! We had her birthday party at Build A Bear and it was worth every penny. A+

2. Get to bed on time. NOPE. D.

3. Write something everyday. C-. I didn't write everyday like I was hoping too, in fact I even slacked off on my daily bullet  journal entries. 

4. Donate all our crap. YES!!! A+

5. Have a really nice Father's day for the husband. Did it! We went out on the boat and had a fantastic dinner at home. 

Onto this month!

1. Get in a Date Night. Living far from relatives, it's often hard for the hubs and me to get in a night to ourselves. I'm going to make it a priority this month.

2. Tone It Up Bikini Series, Round 2. I finished the first 8 weeks and headed into Part two this week!

3. Clean Out The Kids Closets. I'm tackled all the other closets in this house and they are next on the list! 

Just the three for this month! There are lots of other things I plan on doing this month: writing more, working on new recipes,  eating healthy, really working in my bullet journal. But, as far as goals I truly want to keep myself in check about, this is it. I want a carefree summer. I want to enjoy these days with my children and my husband and my home.  And I hope you're enjoying your summer, be it jammed packed or extra slow. 

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