Thursday, July 21, 2016


Breakfast on the day of an announcement should be an especially good one.

Hash browns, perfect scrambled egg, avocado, Gimme Some Oven restaurant style salsa

This announcement has been a long time coming, and isn't even that exciting (spoiler alert: not a baby, not a move).

I'm officially closing my Etsy shop.

I've been on "vacation mode" all summer, but have been thinking about this since March. There are many reasons behind this. First and foremost, it's not enjoyable anymore. In the words of KonMari, it's not sparking any joy. Part of the reason I initially loved my little shop was I loved making orders for people, I loved working up new ideas and shipping them off to my customers. But now, I do not. There are a lot of politics at Etsy these days. "Handmade" is not always what it seems. The site's updated rules allowed sellers to use mass production and only the "idea" needs to be handmade. And frankly, I can't compete with that-and I don't even want to. I have two kids and a husband and a job-I don't have time to produce 20 shirts a week, let alone 100+. And that's the other thing-between both kids in school and Neal and me at work, the time we have at home is our time and as the shop became more successful it felt like that time was being given over to me working on things for the shop-and I just don't want it that bad. It was not making enough for me to quit my day job, but it was enough to take away the down time I do have. 

I'm still happy to make things for friends and family-but because I want to and as gifts. But the commercial part of it I've never been good at and what it comes down to is this: I'm done. The end.

I do love this blog though! And you might have noticed that I've been posting mostly recipes lately, and that's because that is what I love. I love cooking and eating healthy and meal planning and my home. And that's what this space is going to be dedicated to: food, family, and a good life. I hope you'll stick around. 

And thank you to all my customers over the years: I truly loved making things for you and hope you loved them. I loved being part of baby announcements and baby showers and celebrating your children. Thank you so very much for letting me be a part of that.


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