Monday, August 1, 2016


August is here. I love summer, and August feels like the beginning of the end. It's extra hot, the flowers are fading, the garden is going nuts like it can feel the frosts of fall coming, the days are getting just a bit shorter. The air here in the east is heavier somehow than the west coast, and everything feels a little worn out. These waning days of summer are some of my favorites, with the anticipation of back to school and work, but still filled with sunshine and pool days and ice cream.

And of course, new B+ Goals.

Let's check in with July's goals first. I had a REALLY good month goal wise. Keeping it at three made it pretty easy.

1. Get in a Date Night. We got in two, one a dinner out while Neal's folks were in town, and then a work night (we had an Army ball). A

2. Tone It Up Bikini Series, Round 2. I've been getting up and working out 3-5 times a week! I just love Tone It Up. A

3. Clean Out The Kids Closets.  YES. I ended up deep cleaning the whole house and it felt fantastic. A+

Now for August:

1. Apply for passports. Because we need them, and this has been on my to-do list since January.

2. Figure out what clothes/shoes I want for work, and get them. I start back at work in September (I work at a school in the office), and I'd like to have a couple new things.

3. Fix my watch(es) or get a new one. I have two watched that I wear regularly and I managed to lose a pin on one and have the battery die in the other in about a two week space right before school got out. I've been wearing an old digital watch of the hubs, but it's too big (and I kind of hate it). I need to get mine fixed or buy a new one before I head back to school. I think it might actually be more cost effective to just pick up a new one at Target.

4. Make a weekly blog post plan. I want to blog more, especially since I'm moving toward a more recipe based blog, and I think a weekly plan will help me immensely with this.

5. Start getting back on our sleep schedule. July in general was a super busy month: we had family in town, we did a weekend away, Dylan went to sleep away camp. Our schedule is completely non-existent right now. So we are slowly going to start working toward earlier bedtimes and a more steady wake up time so school is not a complete shock to our systems. I'm figuring this will take all month to really readjust.

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