Friday, September 9, 2016


PEOPLE. For the Love of Friday does not even begin to explain my feelings today. It has been the longest, most trying short week. Didn't eat dinner until 8pm the first day of school? Check! Dog needs to go to the vet? Check! But no appointments? Check! Totally new schedule to learn at work? Check! Training someone in a job I only learned a few months ago? Check! Ambulance called to work? Check! 
I need a nap. 

A few things I love and am intrigued by. It's a lucky seven this week:

1. We watched the movie Tallulah on Netflix. It was parts hilarious, terrifying, and wonderful. I highly recommend it. Allison Janey, Ellen Page, and Tammy Blanchard all give fantastic performances.

2. I loved this article about museum curator, Rujeko Hockley. I'm hoping to catch one of her curated shows at the Brooklyn Museum eventually.

3. I 100% want to get these for the kiddos.

4. "One Endless War."15 years of war. FIFTEEN. A war that lots of people don't understand, and which almost everyone has a strong opinion, one way or the other, on. It's a hot topic, that no one wants to talk about, except in soundbites. This was an interesting read. I'll leave it at that.

5. This Nom Nom Paleo Orange Dijon Chicken recipe is making it into meal planning next week.

6. Hey boo.

7. I loved these simple home cooking tips!

Happy Weekend!!

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