Monday, September 26, 2016


Happy Monday! This weekend was a much quieter weekend that the past few-and that was 100% intentional. Neal and I talked about it yesterday-we have a few commitments through the end of October, but then we are giving up saying yes to things on Sunday. Sunday is our home day, our family day, and we are going to actively work toward making that the priority. It makes the whole week better for us. Of course things will come up, but over all - Sundays are going to belong to just us.
Here's what our weekend looked like:

We started out Friday night with jammies early, a big bowl of popcorn for the kiddos, and a movie. Ryder was really hoping for a couple dropped pieces.

 It's popcorn season for Scouting.

 An afternoon with their library books.

 New things. Neal bought these all for me, so I guess he's an official  #tiuhubby. (He'll be disappointed to know that he falls under a hashtag or as he call it, a pound sign.) Tone It Up fall challenge starts Saturday! I first started doing Tone It Up workouts last fall during this challenge, so I'm excited to see what happens this year.

DATE NIGHT. Long over do. We hit the road all smiles and ready for adventure! Just kidding. We  went to a movie (Sully; excellent.) and came right home. We also had no popcorn because we are Whole 30ing. We were THOSE PEOPLE who took dried fruit ropes into the theater and bought bottles of water. Also, there are a million and a half finger prints all over that back window, which is where Ava's seat is.

 Sunday Runday. The weather was gorgeous; fall is in the air. And my time was...better than it has been. But still sloooowww.

 My run was followed by a morning of food prep.

Pot Roast for Sunday Supper. It is the BEST meal for a fall evening. (I use The Pioneer Woman's recipe from her original cookbook. It is perfection). We ate it with Whole 30 compliant mashed potatoes, I'll be posting the recipe later this week!
 Set up my bullet journal for the week outside in the sunshine.

 Fall scents are my favorites.

 Our lab gets weirder everyday, bless his heart. Love him.

Chalkboard art. 

Have a fantastic Monday. May your coffee be strong and your eyeliner straight. 

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