Tuesday, October 4, 2016


It's fall, ya'll! That means mums, pumpkins, crisp air, and rainy afternoons around these parts. I love October-it's hard not too.

October also means it's time for a new round of B+ Goals, where we celebrate "done is better than perfect," But first, let's review September:

1. Focus on health.  A. I'm almost done with my Whole 30 and have been working out 5 days a week ALL MONTH.

2. Blog 3+ times a week. B+. I haven't missed a week, but I haven't managed to go three times a week every time. I'll keep trying in October!

3. Have a celebration Back to School Dinner. A. Check! This was an easy one though; it's a solid family tradition.

4. Read together in the evening. B+ We've managed too most nights, but still haven't finished The Penderwicks. Hopefully the library will let us renew it again!

5. Clear out all the fabric and etsy shop things from our closet. C. I started, but am no where near finished.

Onto October! I always feel like October is a solid get-things-done kind of month. We're pretty settled into our school/work routine, the holidays are far enough away not to stress about yet, the weather is mild. Here's what I got:

1. More yoga. I've been doing yoga for 15 years, but the past six months I've cut back a lot because I've been focusing on more cardio and weights. But my flexibility is suffering for it. Instead of doing the Tone it Up Fall Challenge like I was originally planning, I want to focus on doing more yoga, at least twice a week. (I use the Pocket Yoga App, which I LOVE.)

2. Read Food Freedom Forever. I'm running a book group on this new book from Melissa Hartwig on facebook - feel free to join, we'd love to have you: The Happy Healthy Book Club. I'm really looking forward to this one!

3. Figure out a better system for organizing all the school papers that come home with my children. Every. Single. Day. So many papers! I have to find a system.

4. Start planning Dylan's birthday. He's going to be TEN. It's going to be a big one and I want it to be a good one for him.

5. Clear out all the fabric and etsy shop things from our closet. Need to finish this one.

Hooray for fall and October!

Bonus Life Lesson: When in doubt, ask yourself, "What Would Anne Shirley Do?" and you won't go wrong.

Free printable from Kayla Aimee Writes: here

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