Hey there, I'm Michelle: wife, mom, librarian, foodie, minimalist mostly.

I'm a working mom/wife/human. We're a military family, who currently live in Kentucky (before this we were in New Jersey and before that California and before that Texas and before that Georgia).

I believe in eating real food, cooking good meals, and sit down dinners. I believe in living in a simple home and that experiences are better than things. I believe that good books are essential to a good life. I believe in celebrating the every day. And I believe that cookies make most things better, that's a true fact.

Here's a few things to know about me, in no particular order:

1. I've been married since 2004 to the love of my life. My husband is a fantastic guy. He's smart, funny, a great dad, brave, and handsome-basically the whole package. And while he's exceptionally tech suave, he has nothing whatsoever to do with social media (he's not on Facebook and has no idea how Instagram works). So you won't see him pictured or even mentioned much here, on Facebook or Instagram.  He's a huge part of my life (duh) so this is a little hard for me, but this is a space about me, and I respect his wishes to be mentioned as little as possible! Rest assure though, I like my husband :).
When he is mentioned, I usually refer to him as "my husband" or "the husband" (his real name is Neal, just in case you're dying to know).

2. I have two fantastic kids, Dylan (2006) and Ava (2011). They're both bright, happy kids and I adore them with every fiber of my being even when they drive me bananas. Motherhood is the greatest gift of my life and I truly love being a parent. My husband and I are working everyday to raise kids that the world will be better for and it's hard work! But joyful work.
And in the spirit of the husband policy mentioned, I write and share a lot less about Dylan now that he's getting older. I have no desire for him to stumble upon a blog post about himself in an unfavorable light or pictures that would embarrass him. I talk to him about the photos I put out there of him. I share a bit more of Ava but that will be lessening too as she gets older; I do not favor a child just because they're mentioned more.

3. I love to cook and host get togethers in my home-from small to giant. I've cooked the entire Thanksgiving dinner since I was married, sometimes for up to 20 people and I love it. It's my thing.

4. I love everything about books. I will read just about everything. I love recommending books to people. It's a can't stop/won't stop situation. (It works out that I have my dream job as a librarian and that people pay me to do these things.)

5. My husband and I grew up in the same town and went to the same high school but didn't start dating until we'd moved 3,000 miles away from there. Neal is in the military and we've lived all over the United States. We love the life the military has given us.

6. I've had the same group of girlfriends since middle school and they are my soul mates. As a grown up,  I've also met fantastic people who have become like family to me.

7. I was adopted as a baby. I'm half Japanese, but my adoptive family isn't so I don't really know anything about Japanese culture. I'm working on learning though!

8. I spend way too much money at Target. I wish I felt bad about this, but I just don't.

9. I love all cheese. I hate bananas except in bread form. (*Edit: I did a  3 Whole30s and don't eat a lot of cheese anymore (sad face) but I still enjoy it as a treat.)

10. I drink a lot of water, wine, and black coffee. (*Edit. see above concerning the wine part of this. Still lots of coffee.)

You can reach me at: my.june.nov@gmail.com
Please note, none of the post here are ever sponsored, this just a place for me to write. All recommendations are purely things I love/use/visit.

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