Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Next week, summer vacation will finally begin for Dylan. We had possibly the most hectic, jammed pack month ever in the history of our family last month and we are so ready for summer break to start. SO READY.
After the insanity of last month, my husband and I decided that this summer is going to be a slow summer. And the truth is, we almost always decide this. Summer, especially for school age children, is such a fleeting few years, that we try to just let it be a true break for our kiddos.
For our family though, because I work from home and my husband works long hours outside of the home, we still need some sort of routine in place. So I've put together a list of our Slow Summer Plans.
1. We aren't signing up for anything. There are so many amazing options for camps and activities during the summer that it's hard not to want to sign up your kid for them all. But we aren't signing up for anything officially: no Boy Scout camps, no summer dance class, no vacation bible school or science day camp, I'm not even signing up for the summer reading program at the library. Because I don't want to be tied to a schedule that I will come to resent. So we'll go camping as a family, we'll dance in the kitchen, we'll do science projects at home, and go to the library when it works for our schedule.
(My only exception to this will be swimming lessons.)
2. Get up early. I like the idea of sleeping in, but when it comes down to it, I'm a morning person. I can get a lot of crap done before 10am. So my goal is to get up early M-F and get some work done in the quiet, and then go for a run before my husband has to leave for work.
3. And speaking of quiet, we will have quiet time everyday. Ava still naps everyday, and I'm going to take her nap time and have both kids have quiet time everyday. Dylan will be allowed to stay up later this summer, but he's not one for sleeping in, so a rest period will be essential for everyone. Plus then, I can have two quiet hours everyday to work in the afternoon. Or even nap too.
4. Fridays will be my prep day. I try to do this now, most weeks, but have really been hit or miss lately. I like to take Friday and do all the grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry, plus food prep and meal planning for the week. This makes everything SO MUCH easier and the weeks I don't do this and do it thoroughly, are always tougher. I like to start the weekend with a clean house, food in our fridge, and clean clothes in our closets.
5. Disconnect for part of everyday. I have gotten into a bad habit of checking my phone all the time. I check on orders, I check on emails, and I check on social media. And I need to stop checking so much. Yes, all this connection is helpful and everyone does it, but there had to be a limit. And  I need to check myself. So, no phone or computer from 6-9 everyday for me. I got this idea from Teaching Sam and Scout (where she also has a summer list like this; which I just realized that my list here is nearly identical too. I LOVE that blog. She's a smart lady :).).
And finally...6. We are going to embrace the ice cream truck. I have always been a big downer about the ice cream truck. I'm the first to say no, to roll my eyes at the music. I think it comes from growing up in the country where such things just didn't happen. It always feel like a waste of time and money. But you know what? My kids eyes light up when we buy them ice cream from the ice cream truck. They always appreciate it. Plus, a  Mr. Softee truck drives right through my neighborhood. We are going to enjoy that and not feel bad about it.
I hope you have the summer that is best for you, whether that means a slow summer like us or one packed full of fun activities!

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