Monday, August 31, 2015


Summer is on it's way out. The leaves are starting to turn yellow. It's cooler in the mornings and evenings. The tomatoes are slowing down in the garden; the cucumbers are done.
Friends, fall is on it's way.
Here are some end of summer favorites:
1.Day Designer planner and calendar. Hands down the best daily calendar I have ever used. I got mine at Target. 2. Essie Chinchilly nail polish. I already know that this slate gray color is going to be my go-to this fall. 3. Despite being a Austen fan, I just read Mansfield Park for the first time this month. And it was fantastic! So scandalous for a Jane Austen book. 4. Hands Free Mama is such an eye opener. I've talked about how I struggle with too much media usage, and this book really puts all of that into perspective. 5. I've been using the Pocket Yoga app. It is perfect for at-home yoga. "Desert" is my favorite! 6. Golden State Wax candles are my new favorite candle. I'm currently burning "Firepit"-it smells like a beach bonfire with hints of marshmallow (for real). I'm ordering "Sierra" next. 7. Since I'm doing the Whole30 (only 4 days left!), I've been looking for inspiration to continue with clean eating. I really love this issue of Clean Eating magazine. Great, economical ideas for clean eating. I've noticed our grocery bill has gone up a bit by doing the Whole30 (more about this next week) and I love the ideas they have in this issue for eating clean and not breaking the bank. I am definitely going to get a subscription to this magazine!
Favorites Around the Net:
Instagram: @brooklynsupper, gorgeous food inspiration
Pinterest: k8smallthings, I cut my hair and I am loving all of Kate's hair tutorials.
Website: Whole30, of course.

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