Monday, November 16, 2015


 Oh, hey there! I'm still here. The last couple weeks have been batshit crazy, so blogging was one of the things that had to be pushed to the side. Priorities sometimes shift, and I have been trying to give myself the grace to accepted that I cannot do everything all the time. It's a struggle for me.
 Let's catch up a bit, shall we?

 November is here and I'm taking a moment everyday to reflect on being grateful. I made this chalkboard art to decorate my front porch.
We had a long weekend the first week of November, so we flew home to California. I ate Mexican food. Every. Single. Day. I also got to meet my best friend's new baby (sweetness overload) and spend some much needed time with our families. The kids were beside themselves getting to see their grandparents, and all their cousins and "hometown" friends. This military family life is amazing, except when it's not. Where we grew up and were lucky enough to be stationed for 3 years is our village. There, not only do we have our parents, but we also have our dearest friends. Part of living close to home that was such a blessing was that our kids had lots of adults-family members and non-family members-that they could go to for help and love. We miss that.
Leaving on a jet plane.
Dylan turned 9 (!!!!) this week. We had a HUGE birthday party for him. It was a bit stressful for the husband and me (what kind of working parents plan a birthday party for Friday night?? Ones who aren't thinking, apparently.), but the kids had a blast. It was Minecraft themed, which I seriously just don't understand at all. Dylan tried to explain all the games to me, but I still don't get it.
 I did like how the cake turned out though. Easiest birthday cake I've ever made, hands down. I usually reserve a half hour for every birthday cake to have a freak out; this year I stayed calm. Rice Krispie treat cakes for the win.

This kid, all on his own, decided to forgo presents at his party this year and asked all his friends to bring items that could be donated to the local animal shelter. I couldn't be more proud of him. We ended up donating a huge amount of stuff from his generous friends!
Paris. I do not have words to express the sorrow I feel over what happened in this beautiful city. I can only send my thoughts and prayers.
Our poor dog tore his ear on a thorn bush this weekend. He looks a lot worse here then he does in real life. Also, he's been freed from the cone head.
After the craziness of the past two weeks, we finally sat down to a family Sunday Supper last night. We all cooked together, which I love. It was such a relief to have this important part of our family life back this week, we've been really hit or miss with it lately.
Hope you've had a lovely November so far!

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