Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Carson Ellis is one of my favorite illustrators and I immediately snatched this book up when I saw it on a shelf at our local bookstore. The story about different homes is sweet and funny and the illustrations are lovely.
 Do you follow Humans of New York? You should. Brandon Stanton is a photographer and story teller who photographs individuals and then tells a story from their lives. Stories is a completion of the webpage. I finished this in one lazy afternoon; the stories and photographs are equally beautiful, tragic, funny, and touching.

I finished Better Than Before (check off one of the B+ Goals for this month!) and I absolutely loved it. It totally resonated with me-figure out your personality tendency and build your goals from there. Reading about people's tendencies was fascinating; I could immediately see not only myself but my husband and best friends crystal clear in the descriptions (I'm an upholder-by FAR, the husband is a questioner.). By knowing my tendency, I've been applying a lot of her other ideas to my life and it's a game changer. I highly suggest this book if your looking for a way to figure out better habits and how to stick to them!
I've started the next book in my Reading Challenge and will probably be finished with it soon; it's a good one!
What are you reading?

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