Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Guys, March pretty much kicked my butt. I had pneumonia, it was still snowing, I ate like crap, and...just...blah. But! I also tried new recipes, worked in my bullet journal, and slept a lot. Let's look at my favorite things for March, shall we?

Favorite Thing I Read: Masterminds & Wingmen, by Rosalind Wisemen Being sick this month, I read A LOT of books, but this was the stand out. It was part of my Reading Challenge, and it's a book that I've been meaning to read for years. I learned so much about raising boys, the challenges they face, and the ways we can help them succeed. I highly suggest this book if you have boys or teach them. Eye opening and soundly written.

Favorite Beauty Thing: Maybelline Ruby Star red lipstick Perfect shade of red

Favorite Thing For Learning New Things: the Duolingo App. I'm bushing up on my Spainish (I haven't worked on it since high school) and this language app is FREE, and totally helpful! It provided quick, 5 minute, practical lessons that you can just do right on your phone. After I drop the kids at school and before I head to work, I just sit down with a cup of coffee and do my lesson. I love it.

Favorite Thing I'm Drinking: Tazo teas. There was a lot of tea this month.

Favorite Recipe: Cooking Light's one pot pasta. EVERYONE loved it. I'm so glad I subscribed to this magazine again; they've really stepped up their game.

Favorite Thing For an Organized Life: Dave Ramsey Budgeting Sheets We've followed the Dave Ramsey Plan for years, but had started slacking on sitting down and doing out actual budget plan every month. We've gotten back into the habit this year and these budget sheets are what we use.

Favorite Thing I'm Wearing: J. Crew Factory Chambray Button Down Perfection AND it's on sale.

That's all I got this month! Check back Friday for a B+ Goals recap and see my new ones for April!

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