Friday, April 1, 2016


It's that time again! I'm getting in the loop with Sarah R. Bagley and Teaching Sam and Scout as I review my "Better Done Than Perfect" goals from last month and the goals I'm working on this month.

Spoiler Alert: Last month was not one for the books. Well, not for a positive book. Maybe if it was a book about not achieving anything you set out to do and feeling like crap all month long. Because that would be a TRUE STORY. Onward and upward guys, ONWARD AND UPWARD.

Let' check in with March's fails goals, shall we?

1. Stay on top of our schedule. F. Seriously, pneumonia? It. Is. The. Worst. There was no schedule that was broken this month, no routine that wasn't disrupted. But it's okay.

2. Stay on top of orders and figure out a work plan for the Etsy shop. F. I put the shop in vacation mode to get my work plan figured out. The plan was to take a week to get things settled and planned accordingly. And then I got sick and it just stayed in vacation mode with no plan whatsoever. I've reopened it, but still need to figure out my plan.

3. Run at least 1 time a week. F. HAHAHAHAHA. No.

4. Start working on a community project that I dreamed up. Incomplete. I did actually start working on this. And then, you guessed it, I got sick.

5. Finish the last two books in my Reading Challenge. A. Yes, I did accomplish something! Bedrest provided reading time. I loved Masterminds and Wingmen (review to come). The less we talk about Great Expectations, the better. Never again, Dickens, NEVER AGAIN.

So! Let's move on to April, where my main goals are a) not to have pneumonia, and b) to accomplish more than one thing all month. But let's get down to the details:

1. Stay on top of our daily schedule AND make a solid work plan for the Etsy shop. You see what I did there? I combined two failed goals into one! It's like I'm a glutton for punishment.

2. Keep working on my community project.

3. Exercise two time a week. I still not up for running, but I've started yoga again and have been browsing my Tone It Up workouts. A goal of two times a week shouldn't be too hard! Let us hope.

4. Eat Whole30 Monday-Thursday. I feel SO MUCH better when I eat Whole30, especially cutting dairy, sugar, and alcohol. I haven't been off the rails, but I like the idea of having this as a goal. Weekends I can feel free to enjoy a glass of wine or a cheeseburger, but sticking with Whole30 meals during the week will make those indulgences and not the norm.

5. Plan out my garden. I love my garden and planning for it. Spring has come a little early this year, and I can't wait to get out there and start planning things!

6. Participate in the #RockYourHandwriting challenge on Instagram. I'm loving my bullet journal and am excited to be following along in this daily challenge to use it.

There you have it, my goals for April! Don't forget to check out Sarah and E's goals!



  1. Oh man! Being sick is the worst! But onward and upward, for sure! I'm all about wiping the slate clean and trying again.

    I'm interested in bullet journaling! Maybe I'll give it a try!

    1. I'm loving it! If you find hand written lists helpful, bullet journaling is a great way to keep them all together.