Friday, September 2, 2016


This is the last long weekend of the summer. Come Tuesday and it's time to start burning the fall scented candles, thinking about boots, dreaming about the leaves changing, and heading back to work and school. Here are a few things from this week that had me thinking, laughing, planning, and wearing:

1. "Giving Up Alcohol Opened My Eyes to the Infuriating Truth About Why Women Drink." This was a thought provoking, somewhat uncomfortable, read. Warning: this may article bother you and you may not agree with it at all, and that's okay. but I found it to be a really intresting perspective and have been thinking about it since I read it.

2. Ya'll, this was written back in 2010 during the London games, but due to all the recent hot mess nonsense that is Ryan Lochte it's resurfaced and it is HILARIOUS. This is not for you if you can't laugh color language. If you can laugh at that, read the comments too because they are golden.

3. Back to school is upon us and this way of thinking about homework is inspirational. I wish that this was a national thought.

4. I'll be adding this recipe from Skinny Taste to the weekly rotation this fall. Perfectly simple.

5. I just bought this blouse and I love it. I'm really into the idea of Time Capsule Closets, and I try to be very considerate of the items I buy for my closet. This blouse is exactly what I've been looking for for about 6 months and will fit into my outfit rotation nicely.

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!

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