Monday, February 1, 2016


Can you believe that it's already February?! It's time to check in with my January B+ Goals and reveal my new ones for this month! It may be a short month, but I've got big(ish) goals.
First lets check in with last month:
-I managed to get up at 5:30 most mornings and workout at least four times a week. I made Friday a rest day so I sleep until 6:00 on Friday mornings, but I get up and run on Saturday mornings as a trade off. Going to bed by 10:30 was more challenging, I still need to work on this. But I did much better than I had been! I also implemented an idea from Better Than Before, which is once it's 10:30 I say to myself, "It's past my bedtime." This way I'm at least I'm acknowledging that I'm staying up later then I'd like to be. Grade: B
-I finished Better Than Before! I've made a big effort to give myself time to read in the evenings and finished three books this month, including two on my reading challenge list. Grade: A
-And while I've cut back on social media, I'm going to keep on working on this. I'm been much more conscience of what I'm posting, but I'm still checking things too often. Grade: B-
Also I mentioned that I was doing a Whole 30. We ended up choosing to do a Whole 14 instead because my husband had to travel this month. While we didn't finish out the month officially, it really helped us get back on track so it accomplished something! Grade: C
In February 2016 I'm focusing on:
1. Keeping my car clean. Look, my car isn't a toxic waste dump or anything. It's not full of clothes or uneaten food. We're actually very good at bringing in all our things at the end of the day as we get out of the car. But I need to work on keeping it cleaner, especially the exterior. It's HARD to keep a car clean when there is snow and salt on the ground, but guys I nearly ran into a pole in the school parking lot because I could barely see out of my back window. I also have a bad habit of stuffing unwanted papers (i.e. gum wrappers, ads from the mail box, grocery lists) into the side pockets of the doors and leaving them there for about 52 months. So the goal is do a decent cleaning once a week-inside and out.
2. Get a haircut. Self explanatory.
3.Work on active listening. I'm a multitasker. I can work on several things at once; a typical evening involves me answering math questions, making dinner, getting someone into a dance leotard, and checking on Etsy orders all at the same time. And you know what? I get stuff done. I'm actually incredible good at "half listening" but managing to retain all that information. But that doesn't mean that this is a good thing. I need to focus on stopping what I'm doing and letting people know-especially the smaller people that live in my house-that I am focusing on them and listening to all they say.
4. Daily Chores. I have a list of daily chores that I want to get done every day. I've broken it down so I can do a couple things each day, and no housework on the weekends. I've done schedules before that work sort of well, but none of them really seemed to be ideal. I made up my own little chart and am trying it out this month. If it's a winner, I'll post printouts here!
5. Figure out a work plan for the Etsy shop. I've been overwhelmed by the Etsy shop lately. It's doing well-which is great!- but also crazy since I'm working/raising two children to be good citizens/trying to pay attention to my husband. I need a solid plan about when I work on the shop!
That's it for this month! Done is Better Than Perfect, ya'll. I'd love to hear about your goals for the month too! Don't forget to check out Teaching Sam and Scout and Sarah R Bagley to see their goals too.


  1. I LOVE Gretchen Rubin and Better Than Before. Such a great read. I'm actually thinking I should read it again now that some time has passed. I bet I would glean even more insights since I've let her ideas soak in!

    I hear you on keeping the car clean! That's always on my goal list! :)

    So glad you're joining in!

  2. L O L that you almost backed into something because you couldn't see out of your window! My car is badddd. I just get too lazy to even bring stuff inside from the day. I feel pathetic even typing that...