Thursday, September 1, 2016


It's been a good summer, ya'll. Swimming pools and ice cream and camping and friends and movies in the afternoon - it really was just fantastic.  We had no scheduled activities , as usual for us in the summer, and we embraced all our glorious free time. Next week, the kids head back to school and I head back to work. And we're ready for that September schedule. That's why I love a lazy summer- it makes the hustle and bustle that September brings something to welcome instead of dread. 

Let's check in with my August B+ Goals, shall we?

1. Apply for passports. I finally managed to remember to pick up our applications-yesterday. Like, the last day of the August. But if it weren't for making it a B+ goal for the month, it wouldn't have happened at all! C

2. Figure out what clothes/shoes I want for work, and get them. I made a list-but haven't bought anything. This weekend we're back to school/back to work shopping. Better late than never, am I right? C

3. Fix my watch(es) or get a new one. Did it! I ended up buying a new one from Amazon and I really like it. It's smaller than my previous two and it's water proof. Plus, under $20! A

4. Make a weekly blog post plan. Work in progress, see below. C

5. Start getting back on our sleep schedule. We are definitely not up to school standards, but the kids have been getting in bed mostly on time and getting up at a regular, if not exactly school early, time. Next week might be hard times, guys. For mama, too. C

Now, on to September! I have big plans. September to me is like a second new year, and that means I'm motivated. Be sure to check out the B+ Goals of E at Teaching Sam and Scout and Sarah at Sarah R Bagley!

1. Focus on health. I'm doing another round of Whole 30 starting on September 6 AND I also plan on working out 4-5 days a week (I do a mixture of yoga, running, and Tone It Up routines).

2. Blog 3+ times a week. I'm bringing back Scenes from a Weekend and adding a new series: For the Love of Friday. It will be similar to the old Pins and Links posts I used to do, but with out the pins. For the Love of Friday will include links that I like, things that I love-sort of a favorites of the week recap. I also want to produce at least one additional blog post each week-most of which will be food related. Fingers crossed that I can manage it.

3. Have a celebration Back to School Dinner. I always let the kids chose what we eat on the night before they head back to school and we have a little celebration. It usually involves cake as well. (Which is why Whole 30 is not starting until the 6th. Real talk.)

4. Read together in the evening. Since they came home from the hospital, I've always read aloud to the kids before they go sleep. But I've gotten out of the habit with Dylan because he reads to himself before bed, and I end up just reading to Ava most nights. I'd like to sit down before bed with both kids and read aloud in the evening. I picked up The Penderwicks at the library to start us off this month.

5. Clear out all the fabric and etsy shop things from our closet. We have a gigantic storage closet in our home. I stored all of my fabric and shop stuff there, and since I closed the shop , it's time to clear it all out and put that space to another use.

September, we're ready for you.
(Free Printable from Life on Sutton Place here.)

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