Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I love September-it's usually still warm but with a bit of fall in the air, and it always feels like a season of change. And this September has been a big month of changes for us! The kids started school-Dylan is a third grader and Ava started preschool. While Dylan has flourished this month-great friends, good grades-Ava really struggled adjusting to school. I'll be writing more about this later, but the settling in period was hard for her. She's really doing so much better now though!
With both kids in school, I went back to work outside of our house. It's perfect hours where I can still take and pick up the kids to and from school, and I'm loving my job. But it's still been an adjustment overall for us!
Here are a few things that help get me through this month of changes!
1. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo   I read this book this past spring and loved it. And this month I finally got around to beginning to apply her practices to our home and life. We're attacked our clothes with a vegence and I now have a closet that sparks joy. I'll be moving through the other steps in the upcoming months! // 2. Women's Health magazine I picked this up on a whim in a checkout line the other day. And it's, like, the best magazine I've ever read. Inspiring stories, doable hair tutorials, strong women. Yes, yes, yes. // 3.Infiniti Pro Conair Blow Dryer.  So here's a secret about me: I never ever blow dry my hair. Because it's super thick it always feels like it takes for-ev-er to dry, which in turn, dries it out and gives me the dreaded poof head hair. So I gave up blow drying. But now that I'm back to work, and I run in the mornings and need to wash my hair, but don't want to show up with dripping hair. I bought this blow dryer (on sale for under $20!!!) and it cuts the time in half and leaves my hair looking good. Win/Win. // 4. Leopard Print Flats, H&M A fun flat can make an outfit. // 5. Radha Tea Tree Oil I' not super into essential oils, but this stuff is amazing. It clears up breakouts, helps heal cuts, and I've put it in all our shampoo bottles to keep lice away. And the smell is clean and fresh. // 6. Burt's Bee Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream My hands get super dry as cooler weather settles in, so I make sure to apply this cream to my cuticles every night before bed.
Alright October, we're ready for you!  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


(Just as a note. these blog posts are not to be taken super seriously. I am not a fashion model; it's a look into my daily life and showing different, not terribly expensive outfits and accessories. I recently just went back to work outside my home and this is also a way to have some fun when deciding what to wear to work each morning.
Also, really awkward taking photos like this, hats off to you real style bloggers.)

The leaves are starting to turn a bit here on the East Coast, but we're having a case of Indian summer this week. Fine by me! I'm pulling out my dresses and getting some more wear out of my beloved Saltwater sandals.
Dress: H&M (they're out of plain black online, but have a patterned and color version) ON SALE

Watch: Target (mint green face in stores only)

Monday, September 14, 2015


My son is a big reader, which is fabulous. Finding book series for boys that are 1. not gross out books, 2. not fantasy/magic books 3. not books for "your reluctant reader!" is not so fabulous. My son loves true stories, facts, and ideas, and there doesn't seem to be a huge market for that geared toward our sons (book publishers - pay attention! Our boys are smart. They like reading. GIVE THEM SOMETHING GOOD TO READ.)

However, we are determined readers and have found these five fantastic series:

1.I Survived, Lauren Tarshis. This series of books takes some of histories disasters and events, such as the Battle of Gettysburg and Hurricane Katrina, and tells the story through the eyes of a boy. The details are both age appropriate and accurate and the stories are thrilling for kids. This is my son's favorite series currently. 2. Alvin Ho, Lenore Look. The main character in these books, Alvin, is scared of everything, making him shy at school and any other public place. But at home, with his family his true colors shine. I love that this character is Asian American-a rarity in kids books in general. The books are both funny and touching. 3. Who Are/Was/Is...?, various authors This are simple biographies about famous people ranging from Albert Einstein to Jesus to Derek Jeter. Current favorite is: The Wright Brothers. 4. The Magic School Bus, Joanna Cole and Bruce Degan. Both my kids love all these books. MS. Frizzle and her class are classics and the books are chock full of facts and humor. 5. Eyewitness Books, various authors. Dylan loves these books, they are what he always checks out from the library.

What are your favorite books for boys?

Friday, September 11, 2015


On this day of reflection, I am so thankful to live in a country where my children are free to play, to learn, to love who they want, to wear what they want, and I am free to raise them how I deem best. It is a blessing to live in a country that believes in freedoms. Let us remember those who perished 14 years ago today, those who survived, and those who have sacrificed since.
from the 9/11 Memorial, NYC


Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Welcome to a new series on the blog, What I Wore Wednesday! On Wednesdays I will feature an outfit I'm wearing that week, along with all the shopping details. For our first installment though, let's check out some Back to School style, courtesy of Dylan and Ava.

The kids went back to school last Thursday. Ava started preschool and Dylan started third grade.
 Seriously, how did this happen? I still think of Ava as "the baby" and third grade seems SO OLD. I mean, he understands multiplication!
It's sad times. I mean, it's happy and exciting times, but sad yo.
But the clothes! Both the kids chose their own outfits and accessories.

Ava is wearing:
Blue and White Gingham Dress, Crazy 8 (It's on SALE!)
Gold T-strap sandal (Target, no longer available)
Best Friend Bead Necklace made by her, kit from Jo-Ann Fabrics similar to this
Essie Nail Polish in Strut Your Stuff
Sass, kick up her heels attitude, all her own

Dylan is wearing:
Hat, from daddy
Monster Truck Shirt, Crazy 8 (also on sale)
Camo Cargo Shorts, Old Navy
Gray Desert shoes, Target
Cheesy, over taking photos smile, all his own

Monday, September 7, 2015


So last Friday, I officially finished my first Whole30. And I want to tell everyone everything about it. Why? Because this has changed my entire out look about eating. We have always eaten pretty healthy and been considerate about what we were eating. But the Whole30 has taken it to a whole new level. I am very aware of how much my entire body and mind are affected by the food I chose to eat. And I feel amazing!
You can read all the rules here but I just wanted to talk about the changes that we have personally seen in our family-because our WholeFamily has had a great outcome from our Whole30 (you see what I did there).
1. We have cut our sugar consumption like whoa. I had no idea how much sugar we were consuming on a daily basis. I noted in my first week review that I knew things were getting a little out of hand with dessert at our house, but it turns out dessert was the least of our worries. Spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, bread, bacon-it's all full of sugar. By cutting our sugar intake, our kids especially are less cranky, sleeping better, and have cut their cravings. I plan on cutting refined sugar as completely as possible and keeping "natural" sugars such as honey and agave to a minimum.
2. And speaking of sleep, everyone is sleeping better. Ever since we moved, my husband hasn't slept well. That's been a year! But the Whole30 has helped him hugely. We're both sleeping better at night and getting up easier in the morning-no more snooze alarms. I'm also not feeling an afternoon slump like I had a tendency to do.
3. Drinking isn't the only way to have a good time. I also mentioned in my first week review that we were having one drink to many to often. After doing the Whole30, where there was no drinking at all, we had a real eye opener. We were equaling drinking with all sorts of everyday things: relaxing, having fun, and just what we did on Fridays and Saturday because everyone else is. New flash: not healthy. Not normal. A glass of wine on a Saturday night or a bottle of hard cider at a barbeque is great. But our overall consumption was entirely too much for us to be comfortable with. For me, this awareness was one of the best things to come out of the Whole30 and I'm thankful for it.
4. Exercise is so much better when you're eating well and taking care of yourself. I'm what would be a reluctant runner. I run not because I truly enjoy it, but because it's good for me, and I'm in my 30s and I need something to keep me in check. But you know what? My running has gotten better since starting the Whole30. Like, a lot better. And it's inspired me to come up with new running workouts. And it turns out that not only am I now one of those people who will say "No bread please," I'm now also one of those people who LIKES TO RUN FOR FUN.
(I'm sorry. I hope we can still be friends.)
My yoga routines have also gotten longer and better.
5. And finally...between the two of us, my husband and I lost 28 lbs. I thought that the weight I was at-which was a healthy weight, if not my happiest weight-was just where I was going to be from now on. I'm in my 30s, I have two kids. But eating like this and running better and doing yoga like I mean it has made my body the way I'm happiest.

I like big glasses and I cannot lie.

So what's next?  I plan on continuing to eat Whole30ish most of the time and truly enjoy my occasional indulgences. I encourage you to try a Whole30 yourself! You CAN do it, and it WILL make you feel awesome. Even if you're already healthy. Even if you love junk food. Try it; you won't be disappointed!
I'll be continuing to post recipes and inspiration here on the blog and on Instagram (@junenovember).
Cookbook recommendations: I'm getting continued inspiration from Against All Grain and the actual Whole 30 book.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Summer is on it's way out. The leaves are starting to turn yellow. It's cooler in the mornings and evenings. The tomatoes are slowing down in the garden; the cucumbers are done.
Friends, fall is on it's way.
Here are some end of summer favorites:
1.Day Designer planner and calendar. Hands down the best daily calendar I have ever used. I got mine at Target. 2. Essie Chinchilly nail polish. I already know that this slate gray color is going to be my go-to this fall. 3. Despite being a Austen fan, I just read Mansfield Park for the first time this month. And it was fantastic! So scandalous for a Jane Austen book. 4. Hands Free Mama is such an eye opener. I've talked about how I struggle with too much media usage, and this book really puts all of that into perspective. 5. I've been using the Pocket Yoga app. It is perfect for at-home yoga. "Desert" is my favorite! 6. Golden State Wax candles are my new favorite candle. I'm currently burning "Firepit"-it smells like a beach bonfire with hints of marshmallow (for real). I'm ordering "Sierra" next. 7. Since I'm doing the Whole30 (only 4 days left!), I've been looking for inspiration to continue with clean eating. I really love this issue of Clean Eating magazine. Great, economical ideas for clean eating. I've noticed our grocery bill has gone up a bit by doing the Whole30 (more about this next week) and I love the ideas they have in this issue for eating clean and not breaking the bank. I am definitely going to get a subscription to this magazine!
Favorites Around the Net:
Instagram: @brooklynsupper, gorgeous food inspiration
Pinterest: k8smallthings, I cut my hair and I am loving all of Kate's hair tutorials.
Website: Whole30, of course.